Of the thousands of students attending Leon County schools, very few ever got to meet the man who kept them safe and secure on their campuses.

"I think Leon County has done a good job with keeping the schools safe."

That's because this man, Ron Steverson, took his job as the director of safety and security seriously and never bought into shortcuts.

"One of his traits he had was his ability to work with anyone. He was greatly admired by principals and staff, but especially parents and students felt more secure within the schools and that's because of Ron."

Before he was director of safety and security, Steverson started his first career off as a cop. After that he became a teacher including time at Pat Thomas Police Academy.

"So many officers in the agencies across the state know Ron as their principal of their school."

In all of his careers, everyone who worked with him say in every aspect of his life, Ron Steverson was a diligent efficient, effective and honest man.

"He was a very caring individual."

"He will be missed."

Those who knew him best say he died too young of natural causes at the age of 57.