Georgia General Assembly Contemplates Taser's Future

The Southern Christian Leadership Convention reported six people in Georgia have died in taser related incidents during 2004. Now, they want lawmakers to ban the use of the fairly new law enforcement tool until more research is done.

During a valentine's press conference, a spokesman for SCLC said, "Although we fully support the ability of law enforcement to use safe methods to subdue individuals using non-deadly force, we cannot overlook the fact that an increasing number of individuals are dying in situations involving the use of a tasers."

Georgia Representative Tyrone Brooks has introduced the moratorium legislation. But many law enforcement agencies say that it is a non-lethal tool that works.

"I think anybody that is making an issue of it, they ought to ride with a police officer one night to see what they have to do before they make these allegations that it could possibly kill people."

Richards says more studies may be a good idea, but he would still rather be shocked than shot.