School Security Questioned After Student Assaulted

The alleged assault happened not at the new school location, but at the old site where concerned parents say there needs to be more supervision.

There were a lot of concerned parents at the meeting, and from listening to both the parents and school board officials, the dilemma seems to be how to monitor two school sites at once.

Monday night, concerned parents met with school board officials in Jefferson County. This issue: an eleventh grader is assaulted at the site of the old Jefferson County High School, a site that hasn't held classes since the construction of the new building last year, but it is still used for various athletics like track, football and softball.

Principal Michael Bryan says, "The problem is that many of those individuals that provide supervision are also in the classroom until the end of the day. The students get on the busses and leave quicker than the adults can get in their cars and get over there."

Kathryn Speed, a concerned parent, says, "We have a resource officer at the school during school hours. If we could have him go over there at least until supervision gets there, that would be good."

Principal Bryan says the school is currently looking into ways to have more security and supervision at the old site, but one parent says no amount of supervision can prevent teenagers from just being themselves.

Donald Blair says, "This ‘lovey dovey’ thing, it's totally rubbish. It has always existed and will always exist. The simple fact of the matter is that you instill certain values in your child, and that is it."

Jefferson County School Superintendent Phil Barker says it's the board's responsibility to ensure the safety of every student.

Later this week, school board officials will survey the old school site to see what changes can be made to make it a safer environment such as closing off certain areas of the site and adding more supervision.

According to the victim's guardian, she is doing okay and undergoing counseling.