Qualifying Taylor County Residents for Medicaid Transportation

There are new procedures to qualify for Medicaid transportation. The new rules could leave some area residents without the help they need.

In order to ride a certain shuttle service in Perry, Medicaid eligible residents have to prove they do not have transportation to their medical appointments. This Medicaid transportation has to be the last resort.

Ted Waters, General Manager of Big Bend Transit, says, “In order to qualify, a Medicaid beneficiary has to return a form that has qualifying questions on it. It's been in the completion and return of this form that there's the most concern."

If the Medicaid recipient doesn't return the mailed form within 30 days, they cannot qualify for transportation.

During a public meeting held by the Taylor County Disadvantage Coordinating Board Monday, residents expressed concern, especially for the elderly.

Robert Eagle, a Taylor County resident, says, "They have this education problem. Some of them are ill and cannot read as well, eyes bad. Their understanding is not so very clear of what's going on."

Residents say they're worried that those who truly need the transportation will not get it. County officials have agreed to try to get the word out about the qualification forms to help as much as possible.

County officials say once they come up with some sort of hotline to assist those who need help with the forms they will send out flyers and articles to advertise it.