Gadsden County Murder Trial Playing Out in Court

Seven jurors spent Tuesday listening to opening arguments in the case of Andrew "Romeo" Johnson. Charged with second degree murder, Johnson is suspected of shooting Jerome Pete back in December of 2003.

On the stand was Brandon Mitchell, one of the sheriff's deputies on-scene when Pete's niece was questioned in connection with her uncle's murder.

DEP Brandon Mitchell of the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office said, "I just stood there while they looked at the sole of her shoes and compared them to the footprints that were running away from the scene."

Lucille Ford, who lives within walking distance from the scene, claims she saw the get-a-way car as it sped off.

Lucille said, "When I heard the loud acceleration coming down the road, I happened to look up and see a ring where the window was. It was a ring of smoke."

Also called to the stand was the defendant's sister, Iris, who testified her brother had given her a collection of guns to watch over.

Iris said, "He just said, 'sis,' I need you to put these guns up for me.”

“Did he have some guns?”


“Did he give you the guns?”


Assistant state attorney Frank Alman then showed Iris the murder weapon.

“For identification, do you recognize this gun?”


“Is that one of the guns he gave you?”

“Yes,” she said.