Wakulla County Commissioner Pushing for Hurricane Markers

A need for awareness is arising and one county commissioner believes he has a solution.

Along the coastal waters you'll find colorful markers, a warning for residents to prepare for storm surge as hurricanes approach, but they are few and far between, a problem one Wakulla County commissioner is addressing.

It's the third fastest growing county in Florida. With newcomers nestling in, Kessler wants storm surge warning poles in all subdivisions.

Kessler says, “People moving here have no clue of danger they move into.”

He says awareness is key and the price tag is about 100 bucks a pole, but some argue that cost can be put to better use. The Wakulla Sheriff's Office believes there's a greater need for road signs throughout the county.

Blanchard believes the 13 poles already erected in Wakulla are enough for now, but Kessler disagrees. Commissioner Kessler plans on reintroducing his storm surge resolution at next week's board meeting.