Georgia Governor Launches New College Education Website

A perfect SAT score is just one thing Christopher Jones is working on to get into the college of his dreams. Students say planning for college is a tedious process.

Austin Jones, a junior at Thomasville High, says, "Deciding what I'm going to do for the rest of my life, getting everything together I need to submit."

Christopher Jones, a junior, adds, “I'm really trying to organize my thoughts now of where I want to go to school."

Gov. Perdue is hoping to streamline that process. He's launched a comprehensive resource website called

Karen Brian, a counselor at Thomasville High, says, “The state of Georgia has so many sites to deal with. They determined if they put this site here, a portal, not a link, to all things Georgia is assisting with, it will be a one stop shop website."

The site includes access to career prep, college applications and information on Georgia colleges.

Gov. Sonny Perdue says, "It uses an extensive catalog on state and federal resources to help students pay for college and in some cases like with the Hope Scholarship you can even apply for that aid online."

Jones adds, "I'll definitely make use of the program and I think it'll make my life a lot easier."

It will prepare him for a bright educational future. S

Students can also create a personalized account with the website. The site is considered user friendly and it's free!