Local Landmarks Get a Facelift

Some historic Thomasville homes are getting a facelift thanks to the annual Community Preservation Program.

Natlean P. Trice has lived in a 1920s home for more than 30 years, but she doesn't have the income to maintain it. The Historic Preservation Organization Thomasville Landmarks has come to her rescue.

The annual Community Preservation Program chooses four historic homes like Price's and does any exterior work that needs to be done, and the best part, it's all free for the homeowner.

Eryn Calabro of Thomasville Landmarks, Inc. says, "All this is done through donations and sponsorships and kind hearted people, and it's a good thing for the community. We really want to reflect that the community is involved in this."

These volunteers will be scraping off paint and replacing windows and siding until the second week in March, and Landmarks is asking for volunteers March 12, 18 and 19 to add the finishing touch of paint.

Contact Thomasville Landmarks to register.