Valdosta Combats Obesity

The battle of the bulge is going big time as a large part of our region has gathered together to help curb obesity. Health care providers from the private and public sectors gathered in Valdosta Wednesday in an effort to get the best weight loss results for our region.

Obesity is a major problem in our region with rates higher than the national average. That's why local health care providers gathered in Valdosta on Wednesday to come up with a comprehensive plan to help locals shed the excess weight.

Peter Townsley, a Georgia health advocate, says, "The Lowndes County partnership has brought these folks together all with great expertise, including school and adult health officials, and it's important to get everyone together. It's hard to get them together."

Local health officials say the task at hand is a daunting one, but they remain confident that if everyone continues to work together, this problem can be reversed for the betterment of south Georgia's health.

Barbara McFarland, Head Start health coordinator, says, "It can't be done by one person. The community has to get involved and do it as a partnership to make it work, because one person can't do it by themselves. It has to be a partnership."

It’s a partnership that state officials say is off to an impressive start.

Townsley adds, "We've been around Georgia and we think this area has the best start of anyone, and this area has the strength to make this happen."

It’s strength which could help trim pounds from waistlines and help save lives.

Local health care providers also think their efforts will be better off now that everyone is spreading the same message about the dangers of obesity.