Jurors began deliberating around 3:45 p.m. Wednesday afternoon after hearing very interesting testimony from both sides, including the defendant himself, but at 5:15 p.m. the jury came back with a verdict of guilty.

Day two of the Johnson trial began with the state finishing its case. Assistant state attorney Frank Alman called Dr. Steven Sgan, a medical examiner, to the stand.

Sgan testified the bullet fragments recovered from the body of Jerome Pete were not enough to make a positive ballistics match.

Dr. Steven Sgan says, "There were some small metal fragments that were seen, which indicated that there was some fragmentation of the bullet, but these were so small they would not be of any evidentiary value."

The state rested and the defense presented its case, calling only one witness to the stand, Andrew Romeo Johnson, who claims the firing of the gun was accidental and that before the incident he had never heard of Jerome Pete.

The state then presented its cross-examination.

"You pulled the trigger, didn't you?"


"You weren't satisfied with shooting him once?"

"I didn't shoot him either time."

During closing arguments, defense attorney Judy Hall said her client was innocent, saying the state did not prevent enough evidence.

Judy says, "As soon as they got Andrew's statement saying, 'I did it by accident,' there was no more investigation, nothing."