Virus Attacks City of Tallahassee's Computer System

Don Deloach, City of Tallahassee Chief Information Systems Officer, says, "It came to light that we had received a Trojan Virus and it's taken 30 hours to clean our servers and get them back online."

Last Monday morning, the city was made aware of slow downs in its computer systems, all because of the invasive Trojan Virus.

Since then, about 2,000 city personal computers have been infected, but as debilitating as the virus is, it turns out there's a flip side to city employees basically losing their computers.

Bill Behenna with City of Tallahassee Public Relations, says, "We were actually able to revert, if you will, back to the old school ways of doing business with each other, each other being customers coming into City Hall and fellow employees."

Michelle Bono, City of Tallahassee spokesperson, says, "The good thing is we went back to the old way of doing things. You walk around City Hall and write things down."

However, there's still more work to be done to cure city computers.

Don Deloach says, "What we're probably going to have to do is quarantining the server room off from any PCs and then going to each department to make sure the virus protection is loaded on the PCs themselves."

So while many city employees are unable to interface with their computers, they at least will be interfacing with each other.