Is Taylor County Ready to Deal With Emergencies?

Doctor's Memorial Hospital is full of sick people, and several others are quarantined at a rest stop. That was the scene of a mock disaster exercise held Wednesday.

Jack Pittman of the North Florida Region Domestic Security Task Force, says, "The scenario is that a group of missionaries come in from a foreign country and they have a contagious disease. We want to determine how the county will respond to the sudden introduction to a contagious disease."

The North Florida Region Domestic Security Task Force conducted the exercise to assess Taylor County's readiness to deal with any kind of emergency.

Steven Tullos, an administrator at the Taylor County Health Department, says, "It gives us a chance to see how we would respond in a real emergency and it also gives us a chance to work on those areas where we need to communicate better and work together better."

After the exercise, law enforcement, emergency management, hospital personnel and the Health Department were all evaluated on their response to the staged emergency.

Overall, the task force says everything went well and Taylor County is ready for the unexpected. This is the ninth exercise done in the north Florida region counties; more will be conducted.