Five Arrested in Connection With Fight at Wakulla County High School

All were arrested and taken into custody Wednesday morning. Parents and students say the fight was racially motivated.

Tempers have simmered down since Wednesday morning's school fight which authorities say was sparked by a female student

MAJ Maurice Langston with the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office says, “A young lady wanted her ex-boyfriend beat up in which she was trying to solicit other students to have him beat up.”

It's still unknown how many students were involved, but five people were arrested: two white males, two white females, and one mother.

Superintendent David Miller says their punishment doesn't stop there, but the story doesn't stop there either. Eyewitnesses whose identities we're protecting say the fight was racially motivated, something they say happens often in Wakulla County.

A Wakulla High School student says, “Every time in the middle of year there always be a white on black fight. Ever since I've been in middle school there's been white on black fights.”

Some parents agree, saying the problem seems to have escalated this month.

A concerned mother says, “I was really concerned, a lot of fighting lately, not sure if parents are aware.”

Authorities and the superintendent stick by their statements saying racism is not a problem at Wakulla High, but they say more arrests and suspensions will follow.