FSU Fashion Designer

Imagine this, you're getting ready to graduate from college and you win a trip to Paris. Pretty exciting, huh? But add in the fact that your dream is to become a designer, and while visiting the fashion capital of the world you get the chance to strut your stuff.

“It just looked like it belonged on the runway, so I just went for something totally different,” says designer Hayley Clark.

And totally different worked.

A 100 percent silk hoop jacket placed in the top 10 at this national competition in Oklahoma and catapulted FSU apparel design student Hayley Clark into the international spotlight, winning her a trip to Paris.

“I was so excited because it's Paris, it's the fashion capital of the world.”

But the trip wasn't about sightseeing. She and her garment got to be a part of a Paris fashion show where Hayley's jacket was worn by a professional runway model.

“For the fitting I had to show her how it worked. She stood before the judges and I got a lot of ‘tres bien,’ which is ‘very good’ in French.

And then she got to sit back and watch her dream come true.

“You get all tingly inside just like what you see in the movies, and you know top designers from around France and the world are looking at your garment and everyone else's.”

Watch out Big Bend, Hayley has since graduated from FSU. She says her trip only reinforced her desire to design. Right now she's trying to start her own label in bridal and evening wear.

Good luck to her!