Home Health

Archbold's Home Health Department is making quality improvements that are being noticed across the state, and home health patients have been affected by the improvements.

Five weeks ago Cynthia Bozeman was recovering from bilateral knee replacement and she couldn't walk. With some guidance from a home health physical therapist, she's now back on her feet.

Cynthia says, "It took a lot of steps, different steps of learning to do different exercises and strengthening muscles in different areas of my legs and hips and all, but it has worked and I went from not being able to do anything to a walker to a single cane."

She's a perfect example of why the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization of Georgia recognized Archbold's Home Health for statistically significant improvement dealing with a patient's ability to function at home.

Cindy Clark with Archbold Home Health says, "Getting patients where they can get up and down and walk in their own environment hopefully; be able to walk enough to return to the community and to the activities they enjoy. That's our goal."

Home Health has done just that for Bozeman. She'll soon be discharged from Home Health and will continue physical therapy in a clinic.

Medicare requires patients that receive home health care be homebound. Archbold's Home Health serves residents of Thomas, Grady, Mitchell, Brooks and Colquitt Counties.