School Probed Over Inadequate Test Prep Concerns

Cynthia Whitfield is a mother of a fifth grade student at Jefferson County Elementary School. Whitfield says she's asked school officials for a curriculum to gauge her son's progress, but has yet to see one.

Cynthia says, "My fear is that he might not do as he should have on the FCAT because he's not receiving the information that we need for me to work with him at home and my whole thing is that it may hold him back from being an A student."

Whitfield's fear prompted a call to the Department of Education. A DOE official has been on the elementary and middle school campus tracking student achievement.

Elementary school officials say this is the first year fifth graders are enrolled at the elementary facility and they did not have a curriculum in place for those students, but are now developing one

Principal Kathy Joyner says, "It was not written the same way our curriculum was written for K-4, so we are in the process of developing that curriculum and writing it in the same format that we have the K-4 curriculum.”

Joyner says despite the situation, students at the elementary school have been taught the Sunshine State standards and they're now going for the gold, hoping to earn high marks on the FCAT this year.