Teen Report: Local Schools Celebrate Black History Month

One local high school is celebrating the event in an unusual way.

Students at Godby High School are learning more than textbook material, they're getting a firsthand account of black history.

Sam Hassani says, "I've learned that Black History Month had a lot of impact on black people and they had to work hard for that."

The students have worked hard expressing their creativity through art, opening doors of the past with pieces of pictures to create thought provoking art, an art form that's made some of them stop and think about their future.

Chris McGuire says, "I thought that black history was Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, but it's like it really gets down to human rights, everybody was created equal, they did not get that kind of treatment."

Jemyeka Philips adds, "It is important for everyone to know not just black people, but white people, Hispanic, everybody to know, so that we can know as far as where we're coming from where we're going, where they're coming from, where they're going, so that we can all have something to relate to together as one."

These students say they hope their art can help break the chains of ignorance and hatred that once resonated with our forefathers.

Here's a bit of trivia: Black History Month has existed since 1926 and was organized by Harvard scholar Carter G. Woodson.