Surprise! You've Been Caught Studying

Havana Middle School Principal Dr. Verna Norris wants to erase the C and D grades the school received in 2003 and 2004 respectively.

"We want them working, reading and doing math problems which are all going to be tested, so we want to validate the effort the students and parents are putting forth," says Norris.

This school year the Gadsden County School Board started its stop, drop and study campaign, and to make sure students are aiming for an "A," teachers, parents, even school Superintendent Reginald James hit the neighborhoods in search of students in the books.

Vernita Edwards, parent liaison for Havana Middle School, says, "The parents don't know that their kids are getting the prizes we give them, and when we give it to them they are excited about it."

Bridgette Miller, a parent, says, "They got to pass the FCAT in order to move to the next grade, in order to get something going [the] FCAT is very important.”

Door to door, the FCAT patrol made unexpected visits to the homes of Gadsden County students.

Betty Lewis, a parent, says, "I was telling them the other day that I saw the superintendent on television. He said they were going to go around trying to find students studying. They didn't believe me, but you all showed up today; now they believe me."

Gadsden County students have already completed the reading portion of the FCAT. Students will begin the remainder of the test on February 28.