Underage Drinking Bill on the Way in Georgia?

Members of Georgia's General Assembly say underage drinking is a big problem, and the best way to reverse the trend is by taking away the driver's license of anyone caught drinking underage.

CPL Jim Griffin of the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office says, "They're all about the freedom to drive, but they should know it's a privilege to drive and if this bill becomes law, it should make them wake up and think more about the consequences."

Folks caught drinking underage would lose their driver’s license for six months, but adults would also be held accountable, facing the same sentence if it's discovered they purchased the alcohol for the minor.

While some young adults think that underage drinking may be a serious problem here in the Peach State, they don't really think the suspension of a driver's license will make a real difference in the overall drinking habits of young Georgians.

Alexis Crow says, "If I were under 21 and I was caught driving and drinking, I certainly think you should take away the license for maybe more than a year, but if I'm under 21 and just drinking, maybe a sentence of a night in jail. That might change my habits."

There is one thing many folks can agree on though, preventing underage drinking starts with the parents.

Griffin adds, "Get to know the kids they hang with, know a little about their activities. I think it's good for parents to get more involved."