Speaking in Tongues: A Matter of Faith, Part II

Dr. James Magee is ready to shout it from the mountaintops that he's filled with the holy spirit and speaks in tongues. For now, his mountaintop is his private dental practice.

Magee says, "It's amazing what's going on here through the power of God."

At 8:15 every morning, Magee and his employees have morning devotions. Sometimes Magee speaks in tongues, but silently.

Magee says, “After we pray we do our confessions and read the Scriptures. I just silently pray in tongues, they have reservations. When you speak in tongues, you speak hidden secrets, hidden mysteries."

Denominations such as Pentecostal Holiness believe speaking in tongues is not limited to church gatherings. It's a relationship with God that can awaken at any given moment as long as that believer is willing to receive. That's why Magee thinks of his practice as a ministry which allows him to witness to others, but he's careful not to force his religion on patients who are not willing to receive.

Shannon Johnson works for Dr. Magee and says, "I look at him in awe because I've never worked for someone who's so dedicated to the Lord and to his patients."

Johnson says there's a sense of peace from the moment you walk inside.

She says, "I feel at peace with it and I think the patients feel it and they feel the care from him and from the other co-workers here."

Magee says there was a time he thought he needed a mentor in the dentistry field, but realized his mentor is the holy spirit.

Magee says, "It has amazed me that I can go in there and I'm praying in tongues, I'm praying in tongues, and I'm getting ready to do a procedure and then the holy spirit starts telling me, ok, do this, do this, do this, and it works out perfectly every time."

There are several different interpretations about speaking in tongues varying by denominations, but one commonality is that it's the infilling of the holy spirit, which reinforces a believer's Christian walk.

If you missed part one of the series "Speaking in Tongues: A Matter of Faith," both parts will re-air on The Good Morning Show Weekend Edition.