Road to Recovery

Cancer patients in our area need your help.

Mary Griffin has been making the drive to the Pearlman Cancer Center for more than a year taking cancer patients to their appointments, patients she now considers family.

"She wanted to tell me things. I think she had a number of children, but they were all living out of town or tied up with job responsibilities and could not get away. I felt like she was my grandmother," said Mary Griffin, a "Road to Recovery" volunteer.
Others volunteer for more personal reasons.

"My uncle just passed away this past Saturday in Jacksonville, so I do it for that reason. I have a lot of free time and I can find something to do with the community," shared Judy Parker, a first-time volunteer.

Not only will you will be helping cancer patients and their families when you help them into a car, but volunteers say you will also be making a lifelong friend.

"We'll, I got a Christmas card from one of them, and one called me on the phone, and it's just a rewarding experience," added Griffin.

Not only that, but right now there aren't enough volunteers to meet the need in south Georgia.

"We have four patients that need this service at this time and we can only do one because we don't have enough drivers," said Bennie Rose Stewart, the Valdosta "Road to Recovery" coordinator.

Drivers must attend a training session and have a good driving record.

For more information about the "Road to Recovery” program, you can call Bennie Rose Stewart at 229-245-7171.