Make a Difference Day Tallahassee

While most college students were out enjoying the great weather Saturday, one group decided to make a difference.

It may look like a regular thrift store to you, but to the Refuge House it is another way for them to make some desperately needed cash. Every bit of the profits made in the store go directly to the house, so if they save money on labor they get to turn extra profit at the end of the month. That's where this group comes in.

"I put up pillows, made sure all the blazers were hung correctly. I helped with the folding and putting up of blankets," said Lance Williamson, a Make a Difference Day volunteer.

The Refuge House was just one of the groups to cash in on the volunteers. The Capital Area Chapter of the Red Cross put students to work building a shelter.

"This is the fourth consecutive event that Make a Difference Tallahassee has been a multi-partnered event. It's an annual event that allows volunteers to come together to bridge campus and community as well as go out as one community and help one another," said Heather Skojec, organizer for Make a Difference Day Tallahassee.

Heather says this year 35 agencies took advantage of the free labor offered by students who just want to make a difference. The students don't just stay in Tallahassee. Many of them went out to Gadsden County to help with school programs.