More on Cheryl Dunlap's Funeral

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A significant moment for the troubled hearts of many in our community was perhaps the most peaceful moment since Dunlap was first discovered missing almost a month ago.

In many ways the mood was pleasant because in Dunlap's faith based community, they say they look beyond her physical life. For many of her close friends, they say she is truly at peace now.

Brian Gallant, a missionary in China, said, "Well, Cheryl, if you know her, I mean, the people that know her, like, it didn't surprise me that she had to be at the front of the line to get there before all of us, so when I see her I'm gonna kinda give her a nuggee and say ‘I knew you'd be there up front.’"

Cheryl Dunlap's funeral provided not only rest for her body, but potentially one form of rest for the hearts and minds of loved ones left behind. The funeral director says about 600 people attended the funeral, and for funeral speaker Pastor Keith Collins, he was happy to bring the word to those people.

Keith Collins, who taught Dunlap and ministered with her, said, "The eternal aspect of it has to be brought in to view, and I know that Cheryl did not live for the things of this world, you know, she lived for the Lord Jesus. She received her greatest reward, which was eternity in heaven with him."

At the end, Dunlap's sons were greeted by a crowd of her close friends, wishing them the best as their mother is laid to rest. The sons, Mike and Jake Dunlap, were not ready to comment on camera, but they told us to thank the community for its support.

To find out how to donate funds towards funeral costs and missionary costs, which many say Dunlap was very passionate about, just call the River of Life Church at 850-962-HELP.

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