RSV Infection

While temperatures are warming up outside our region has been reaching the peak of the cold and flu season. One of the major problems this season has been a respiratory condition known as RSV. It’s a serious problem with a simple solution.

Medical providers in Valdosta say the respiratory condition known as RSV is once again causing people, especially the young, to get very sick this time of year.

Brenda Daniel, an infectious disease nurse, says, "It’s different from the flu because with the flu there will be lots of body aches and pains. With RSV the children's duration of infection is much longer than the common cold. The children suffer a strangling, struggling cough."

If caught early, the RSV virus can be easily treated, but health care experts say early treatment is the key.

Doctors at South Georgia Medical Center say one of the ways to prevent those seasonal illnesses from spreading is very simple. They're even posting the message on fliers and they say it’s a message even the little kids can understand to help keep them from getting sick.

Greg Beale, a pulmonary physician, says, "If you have an infection try and remember to wash your hands and try not to spread your germs. Cover your mouth when you sneeze. Simple things like that are sometimes every effective."

They are effective in preventing infections, which doctors say if left untreated can cause serious complications. Luckily though, the weather is warming up and the likelihood of catching RSV or the flu is winding down.

Doctors say you still have 10 days or so to get a flu shot, otherwise the flu season will likely be over by the time your shot takes effect.