Corpuscle Hustle

Revanda Barwick has given at least five gallons of blood in her lifetime.

"It's just a good feeling to be able to help someone else out," she says.

And now, her giving is crucial because other regulars are sick.

Tina Phillips, the local blood drive coordinator, says, "Every day our regular donors are getting sicker and sicker. It's left us in a very bad situation where we have no donors coming in the door."

Phillips says there is only a three-day blood supply at the Southeastern Community Blood Center. They normally have a week's worth on the shelf.

Phillips says, "That's what's so bad. We need every blood type out there; A positive, O positive, B positive all the way down to AB negative."

So once again, they're asking for healthy donors.

Revanda Barwick adds, "It only takes a little while and it doesn't hurt and it will make you feel good about coming in and doing it. It can save lives."

A bag can save up to three lives.