Soap Hope

Meet Ashlee and Kelly, two college freshmen whose obsession of soap operas has launched them into TV land.

Ashlee says, "We get round-trip airfare to NYC. They put us in a hotel two days; meet directors, writers and producers, as well as [a] studio tour."

A tour of their favorite daytime drama all started with a click of the mouse, a writing challenge for college students across the nation to write a sultry, nail-biting storyline for the chance to meet the cast and crew.

Ashlee and her close friend Kelly Corder, an aspiring soap opera writer, rose to the challenge.

Kelly says, "We took it from where the show was [and] said this is where we're starting.”

They picked a protagonist and added their own flavor.

Kelly says, "It's Casey Winslow. They never addressed who her father was, so it's a huge twist involving her brother-in-law."

The script took two-and-a-half weeks to write and covers four months of daytime drama, but the girls say it was a fun hobby, not work, and perhaps it will launch a career.

Kelly says, "I know it's validation for me. I hope for an internship next and see where it leads me."