New Guesswork in Gadsden County Human Remains Case

Investigators have determined that the remains may be of an older male and that this entire incident could be the result of a vehicle fire last April.

Residents living around Earnest Road in Greensboro are still in shock.

Mary Rowan, a resident, says, "Every time you listen to TV they are always talking about something going on. You mix all of this dope and stuff and you've got a lot on your hands."

Luis Trejo adds, "I've got three kids and I worry, so I'm kind of scared when they come home from school. I do think about it."

Tuesday, the state fire marshal's office joined in on the investigation into a set of skeletal remains found in the woods. Investigators believe the driver of a car that caught on fire in April of last year around this same area could be the victim in this case.

Morris Young, Gadsden County Sheriff, says, "It appeared the car was in a wreck and the possible driver was injured, walked away from the car, [had] severe injuries and died right there."

Up to this point a positive ID hasn't been made, but investigators are leaning towards the remains belonging to an older male because of a set of dentures found near the scene.

Sheriff Morris Young adds, "If the body was there before the car fire, it did burn, so we're just looking for anything like a wallet or whatever."

Sheriff Young says because a set of dentures were found, investigators won't be able to make a dental match.