Self Defense Classes

There are approximately four million child molesters living in America, a statistic that's both horrifying and motivating.

They're practicing their punches, they’re tuning up their vocal chords and they're steering clear of strangers; five-year-olds are learning who not to be nice to.

"They're trusting of all adults, unaware what danger they are in," said parent Barbara Folsom. That's why Barbara signed her daughter up for karate and self defense classes.

Master Jerry Ingle teams up with the Tallahassee Police Department every quarter to offer awareness classes to the public.

"I think it should be taught in school. If every child is taught this we would have a lot less problems," said Master Jerry Ingle of Kempo Karate.

Being aware is the key to this class. Master Jerry says most kids aren't aware of their surroundings.

"When they start to play they don't pay attention to who or what is going on around them," added Ingle.

Until now, with a few instructions and some amusing yet effective defense skills, these tough youngsters are armed and ready for any stranger encounter.

These self defense classes are offered to all age levels. For more information contact Kempo Karate at 850-386-7279.