Big Shopping Day

Saturday was one of the two busiest shopping days of the season and the malls were flooded with people, but it appears there is more than meets the eye going on.

Toy trains are chugging along and making sure they catch the eyes of little kids passing by. Stores are making sure they accommodate those who want to part with their cash by opening early and staying late.

"I got here very early because JC Penny and Sears opened early, so I hope to be gone before it gets too bad," said holiday shopper Leah McManus.

Even Santa is putting in an extra effort to hear every wish. From Santa and his elves to the twinkling lights, everybody appears to be in the holiday spirit. Of coarse, there is another reason you can expect big crowds Saturday.

There are two graduations going this weekend and that brings in a lot of extra who are potential shoppers.

"Yes, many of the parents are coming in for the entire weekend and they bring their extended families with them," said Governor's Square general manager, Eric Litz. "I think that gives us an extra boost this holiday shopping season."

Retailers say that boost is helping have a great holiday season. This is only one of the two biggest shopping days before Christmas. The next one is next Saturday.