Suwannee County Offering Free Pediatric Flu Shots

One local health department is taking measures to protect children from the flu.

Now that the panic from last year's flu vaccine shortage has died down some people may be letting down their guard. The Suwannee County Health Department says it has an abundance of pediatric flu vaccine available, and they're giving it away.

Sabrina Cooks says, "It's a blessing. Some families are financially challenged and they can't afford to pay for it outright, so I think it's a good idea that they are able to obtain the services for free."

Suwannee County Health Department officials say all the parent has to do is come in and request the flu shot. In order to get it free, the child must be between the ages of six and 35 months.

Elaine Boatright with the Suwannee County Health Department says, "The flu vaccine is very important for children ages six to 35 months because they're very young, as well as the elderly, are more prone to have complications that would put them in the hospital if they ever got the flu."

Nurse Boatright says there is also plenty of adult vaccine available. Those shots are not free, but she still encourages everyone to get vaccinated.

Elaine says, "We still have a little bit of cool weather and the flu season is still upon us. It's still advisable to get one if you haven't received it."

The Suwannee County Health Department will administer the free shots until all doses have been used.