FSU Dance

FSU's Seven Days of Opening Nights has been pretty exciting for folks from fans of Allison Krauss to Lyle Lovett, but this festival has been even more invigorating for FSU students who've had the opportunity to learn firsthand from the visiting performers.

Like many of the artists visiting Tallahassee this month, Susan Marshall of the New York based Susan Marshall and Company is taking time to teach students in between performances.

Regarded as one of the leading choreographers, she says it's a step in the right direction.

Susan says, “To actually be here, it not only gives exposure, but they’re getting a three dimensional taste of this choreographic vision.”

This vision is a dance taught to FSU dance majors by members of the Susan Marshall Company several weeks ago.

“We've been in maintenance mode for that piece since the dancers left. Susan will direct several rehearsals with the students.”

For the first time Wednesday the students performed the dance for Susan.

“Also, the networking is so wonderful. It kind of demystifies the New York thing, makes it see possible that yes, I can go to New York and work.”

FSU will perform the dance in April.

Susan Marshall and Company will perform Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Tickets are still available.