Local Hospital Streamlining the Operation Rooms

The operating rooms at Archbold Memorial Hospital have been training on a new computer system this week, and nurses say they're already noticing a positive difference.

Jan Doddridge, Director of Surgical Services, says, "We're very excited about our new or system. I think this is going to make us far more efficient in the operating room. There's a little bit of a learning curve, but it gives a lot more information."

The McKesson Health Care computer system is Windows based and will actually intake and print out more information health care workers say they need.

Margeret Webb, the project manager at Archbold Medical Center, says, "We're all about patient care. The patient comes first and we need to have a good system of documentation in order to pass along what we've done to the next caregiver to the next caregiver so no information gets lost.

Because this technology makes the documentation process more efficient, nurses say patients will move in and out faster.