Controversial Book Will Remain in Children's Section

The book “Mommy Laid An Egg" got the okay to keep its place on the library shelf. A review committee has decided not to move the book from the juvenile section of the Suwannee County Public Library.

The book explains in detail how a baby is made.

Jennifer Jernigan says, "The book is number 77 on the American Libraries Association's top 100 books in the nation to be challenged by people of being either in the right section of the library or being completely banned."

The concerned mother wrote a letter a year ago requesting the book be moved to the adult section. A committee of citizens appointed by county commissioners passed the decision Tuesday night.

Johnny Wooley, Suwannee County Coordinator, says, "This book was placed in the children’s section of the library in accordance with the policy and guidelines that are set out by the county commissioners where books are to be placed."

Jernigan says it's the illustrations that make the book inappropriate, some of which we couldn’t even show on our broadcast.

Susan Perez, a mother of two, says, "They could describe things as far as reproduction goes without actually showing the kind of illustrations that they show. In fact, the illustrations are like cartoon pornography."

Danny Hales, the director of the Suwannee River Regional Library, was not available for interview. He did say on the phone that he's happy with the committee's decision, so “Mommy Laid An Egg” will stay in the juvenile section.

Jernigan says she has contemplated petitioning the committee's decision.