Fatal Fire

Three young boys were killed in a fire Friday night that engulfed their mobile home in Seminole County, Georgia. Now, their mother is speaking out about the tragic ordeal.

"I just miss them, they were my hearts," said Kashaa Coonce.

Now what weighs on Kashaa Coonce's heart is the thought of not seeing her three little boys any more after a house fire engulfed her mobile home Friday night.

Coonce says she left the children alone to go to a relative's home just feet away. She says seconds later she heard a commotion coming from outside.

"I opened up the door and my whole trailer was on fire," Coonce said.

Coonce says inside the home her three boys were screaming her name and asking for help.

"I heard them calling me; they couldn't come out because of all the smoke and then I went to the back room window and tried to get them and we just couldn't get them out. That was all three of my babies," shared Coonce.

Saturday Coonce came back to her charred home that's now just pieces of burnt rumble, and she's left with a feeling of guilt, sadness and shock.

"I just feel hurt. I should have got them out and I should have just brought them with me. I didn't know something like this would happen," said Coonce.

The exact cause of the fire is under investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Seminole County Sheriff's Office. An autopsy report of the children is expected early next week.