Monticello Miracle

A Monticello mother says angels prayed for her baby's safe return after he was kidnapped. Now, those angels are making sure the infant has a blessed Christmas.

For the little ears of Ja'marquez Pringle it’s the sound of angels. To the church, this is the face of a miracle. When they heard he had been stolen along with his grandmother's car, they began praying.

"They had an Amber Alert out for the baby and that just really touched my heart, and of course the baby's uncle is a member here," said Rosemary Reynolds, Ja'marquez's Mother. "I mean, it was scary. We roamed the streets all night looking for him," added Reynolds.

Fourteen hours later on Thanksgiving morning he was found, a little cold, but otherwise safe. Now the church is working to make sure the seven-month-old has a great Christmas, bringing clothes, food and toys for both him and his older brother.

"I think they're doing a magnificent job and I think it's going to be very great," shared the baby's uncle.

It's great for the mom too, who says her gift from God is just getting her baby back.

"I know he head angels watching out for him, I know he did," added Reynolds.

The angels were right here on earth. Reynolds says she thanks the Leon County Sheriff Deputy Elethia chase for finding the baby just before the cold temperatures set in.