Gastric-Bypass Surgery

When a person is 100 pounds or more overweight, many health problems can arise.

Here's one local woman's story. The mother of two says she tried everything to lose weight.

“I felt like I needed to take drastic measures and something more like a tool to discipline me than just trying to stay away form the refrigerator.”

So how did she do it? Dr. Eliot Sieloff performed gastric bypass surgery on Denene, giving her a smaller stomach pouch to curb her appetite. But where his surgery ends, the patient's responsibility begins.

“Once people get a jump start and lose weight they can start to exercise when they weren't able to exercise before.”

“We've been able to ride bikes and walk, things we couldn't do when she was heavier.”

And exercise isn't the only reason Denene has dropped from a size 32 to 12.

“It changed my cooking style so it will help the kids as they move into adulthood.”

Surgeons say many times, patients are able to discontinue medicines for diabetes, as well as lower their blood pressure and cholesterol. But before considering anything, check with your insurance company because gastric bypass surgery can run you $22,000.