Refuge House Director Retires

For the last 21 years, Kelly Otte has been taking a firm and sometimes dangerous stand against domestic violence. For the last nine, she's been with the refuge house, located in Tallahassee, as the director.

"I have a life long commitment to ending domestic violence against women and making the world a more peaceful place for families. There's nothing in my future that will take me from that."

But Otte has made the decision to fight domestic violence from another direction, and will be leaving her post as director of the refuge house sometime in March.

"But I think the change for Refuge House is going to be good, you know, a change in leadership; someone coming in and seeing things with new eyes."

Otte says she will be doing contract work and implementing a leadership training program for the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

"More than anything else I'll get an opportunity to work out of my house and spend more time with my kids."

But Otte will be missed dearly.

"There have been a lot of things that have happened under her leadership. We opened a shelter, a child care center. She's done a lot of great things."

And Otte says the women who work at refuge house and those saved there will be who she misses most.

Otte will keep in touch with the refuge house by doing some contract work. She says three candidates are still in the running to replace her as director.