Moody Involvement

With the red, white and blue in hand, kids at Quitman Elementary School wanted to show Moody airmen a performance they wouldn't forget.

"I was happy to see them because I thought they deserved to watch us to because its more their play than ours."

The kids sent many letters and packages to these airmen during their time in Iraq, an act of kindness they wanted to repay by flying a flag in Iraq and then hand delivering it to some of their favorite pen pals.

"It's awesome to see the expression of their faces. It's like Christmas all over again for them and for us."

"School officials tell me this kind of event help make the airmen's service to our country more real for the kids, in addition to helping the kids put a face to the heroes they wrote during Christmas time. Moody airmen tell me they wouldn't have it any other way."

"They have their own impression of how special they are, but to actually see these guys and be able to communicate with them was great for them too."

It's just the type of opportunity these airmen say they love because they can show the community that embraces them, how much they care in return.

School officials say the flag will be proudly displayed in the elementary school's front office.