No Electives for Students Preparing for the F-CAT

Sunshine State students are gearing up for another round of F-CAT testing. But in the midst of those preparations, some local educators say the test is taking its toll on elective courses.

"Just like all electives students that came to high school from 8th grade and didn't pass F-CAT were put into remedial reading didn't leave time for electives."

Rickards isn't the only school suffering FCAT side effects. Godby High School Business Teacher Cari Molinaro says enrollment numbers in her class are down as well, because students couldn't tame the FCAT.

"Twenty percent of students from elective classes that's where see students pulled out first thing to go."

While educators agree remediation is a vital to keeping kids on track academically, electives play a key role in overall student success.

For seniors, not passing the F-CAT means not making it to the cap and gown gala. But for elective classes, it could mean not making it to see another semester.

"We have to maintain level and right now below level. So work with curriculum director and principal to make sure program stays at Rickards."

FCAT testing gets started Monday morning, February 28 when students will tackle the reading and math sections of the test.