Ready for Anything?

Georgia's ability to deal with terrorist attacks, whether chemical or biological, has been a top priority for several years. Now, the national Centers For Disease Control say more states need to improve.

Local experts say some states should look to Georgia to find out how to stay prepared.

"We've been through training throughout the state, some of us have been throughout the nation. We just do a lot of things to prepare as far as risk communication, to epidemiologist, to labs, you name it, we've been working."

"Here in the local area we do have our own surveillance team that monitors diseases, outbreaks, and various conditions and what we do is go out and investigate and we try and find the common source."

With an extensive network of public health offices, health officials around the Peach State say they're always ready to deal with whatever, whenever it may arise. And they say their work isn't done yet to protect Georgians in the future.

"We never, never just sit back and follow the plan. There's always room for improvement, that's why we continue to do tests, continue to have exercises, we continue to work with local agencies to make sure that we're on top of the game."