Red Light Runners Beware

Tallahassee Police have just started a crackdown on red light runners. They've written more than 500 tickets so far, and officers say they're on pace to write nearly 4,000 tickets this year.

Officers wait at the corner of Monroe and Tennessee, eyes on the stop line and the stoplight ready to roll on red light runners.

"It's just blatant. Usually the light's been red for one or two seconds before someone will rush through the light and try to beat it."

We stood by with our camera and watched. Within 15 minutes, three people were pulled over and ticketed for running red lights: A white minivan for pushing the left turn arrow, then a brown Honda and a white Toyota for forging ahead despite the red.

"The Tallahassee Police Department takes a zero tolerance policy toward red light enforcement. That means if we stop you, you will receive a citation."

All the red light running may be getting worse. Tallahassee Police wrote more some 1,200 tickets in 2003, more than 2,200 last year, and this year, they're on pace to write nearly 3,500.

Drivers admit it's an everyday problem.

"Like, the light will really be red and they'll keep going, not really paying attention to the cross street and that could cause a major accident."

In Leon County, a red light ticket will not only cost you that $117.50; it'll add three points to your license. So the guys on motorcycles warn, stop at the line or pay the fine.

Lt. David Folsom, who's worked traffic for years, says if you are already in the intersection when the light changes from yellow to red, that's legal. They're after folks whose tires haven't even crossed the stop line when the light turns red.