NAACP Investigating FAMU Student Election

Adrienne Rodgers heads the NAACP chapter at Florida A&M University. She's the recent recipient of complaints from her fellow students, accusations of possible problems at the polls.

Adrienne says, "A lot of the calls have been students who went to the polls on Tuesday, were either intimidated by people who were at the polls, questioned about who they voted for."

And that's why the group wants to launch an investigation into possible irregularities in the voting process.

Rogers says students have also complained of voting machines being inoperable in at least one of the five polling precincts on campus.

Keneshia Grant, student body vice president at FAMU, says, "I have heard a few of the concerns the students have addressed. I have heard them, yes!"

Student body vice president Keneshia Grant says she was in the room when the votes from Tuesday were counted along with several other school officials, and that this year poll workers were hired to ensure elections ran smoothly.

Keneshia says, "From the knowledge I have from the things I've observed there was no foul play everything was far and just."

Adrienne says, "This is not about any organizations, any agency or any one affiliated with the elections; it's about the integrity of the elections process from Tuesday."

Rogers says if students don't feel their votes are protected they may lose faith in the elections process altogether.

Grant says one machine was temporarily inoperable, but was quickly fixed. Eyewitness News was unable to contact any of the students who voiced their concerns.