Activities for Children on Christmas Break

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With schools closed until after the new year, there are a lot of kids out there with a lot of time on their hands, and not all of them are supervised.

During the holidays, many parents find themselves hunting down child care along with the perfect present.

The holidays mean a break from the books for students, but no built-in babysitter for parents. That's where the Boys and Girls Club chimes in.

Countywide, 450 kids seek refuge here each day. Statistics suggest children left at home alone are at a greater risk of being injured or of committing minor delinquent acts. Places like the Boys and Girls Club provide a path to avoid those potential problems.

The holiday break isn't the only time of year kids are left unsupervised. Each week five million children are left home alone. If you do have to leave your child alone, experts offer these tips to ensure their safety.

Make sure your children lock the doors and windows when home alone, post emergency phone numbers and have your child check in. Plus, tell them never to open the door for anyone they don 't know well and caution them about letting callers know they are home alone. Finally, have a plan for forgotten keys.

In addition to the Boys and Girls Club, the Palmer Munroe, Lafayette Street and Lawrence Gregory Community Centers in Tallahassee are holding holiday camps.