Keep Airport Security Rules in Mind When Traveling This Holiday Weekend

You've no doubt heard about all those infamous airport security checks and heard time and time again to arrive early, but are people listening?

Well, believe it or not, many passengers are still trying to board with items such as hunting knives, bullets, shot gun shells and gun magazines. These are all items that will be confiscated by security personnel at Tallahassee Regional Airport.

Quinten Johnson, TSA Federal Security Director, says, "They're quite expensive and people are still bringing them through the check point."

It takes only a few minutes, and airport security officials say being prepared can save you a lot of time. They ask you to make sure you don't bring prohibited items with you to the checkpoint. When in doubt, leave it behind or pack in your checked luggage.

Quinten adds, "No criminal intent we can determine, but lots of bullets, lots of shot gun shells, lots of gun magazines, lots of hunting knives."

Now that you know what not to bring to the checkpoint, let's talk holiday presents. Make sure they're unwrapped or you'll have to unwrap those pretty gifts yourself, like we found some passengers doing.

Wiloui and Martha Castille say, "It's the rule, we don't mind, it's a gift we're bringing back for our granddaughter back home. It's something we'll rewrap before we give it to her."

The Transportation Security Administration is hoping to duplicate the smooth travels of the Thanksgiving weekend this holiday weekend.

Still, they say it'll take your help to make that happen. An additional security measure to keep in mind is passengers are now required to remove outer coats and jackets for x-ray before going through metal detectors.