Soul Food Cook Book for Diabetics

If there's one thing you learn from living in the south, it's you don't mess with a family recipe, but that's exactly what a couple of brave authors have done in an effort to improve the health of African-Americans.

A few years back the American Diabetes Association asked two ladies to create a cookbook for African-Americans.

Fabiola Gaines says, “We had our family send us recipes, tested them and came up with a book, and we're real proud of it.”

The new Soul Food Cookbook for people with diabetes has all the favorites such as collard greens.

Roniece Weaver says, “We love ham hock, but you can use smoked turkey or even chicken broth.”

With three million African-Americans reportedly diabetic, the registered dieticians say something needs to change.

Gaines, who is also a FAMU Rattler, says they even created a soul food pyramid to let people know what's what.

“Chitlins is not a protein, it’s a fat. Bacon is not a protein, it’s a fat.”

And finally, for those family members who don't want you messin' with their food, here's a tip to the cook: keep it to yourself.

Fabiola says, “Don't broadcast it, just prepare it and know in your heart you made a difference.”