Allan Boyd's Health Care Tour

Boyd has spent the last couple of weeks all over north Florida from Suwannee County to Destin to discuss health care issues with his constituents to give them the opportunity to talk one-on-one with the congressman about health care issues.

It's estimated that more than 40 million Americans have no health coverage. The Institute of Medicine estimates 18,000 Americans die each year because they couldn't afford health care.

Barbara Devane of the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans says, "In this country everybody likes to say we have the best health care that money can buy, but every year millions and millions of people have no health coverage. It's criminal."

But many do have health care, and every month many struggle to keep it, especially retirees, and after health care charges are taken from their check.

Ida Smith says, "[It] only leaves me monthly $296.87. That's not enough money to buy groceries with."

Cong. Allen Boyd says he knows people like Ida Smith are not alone, and that's why he's holding his Town Hall meetings all across north Florida.

"I think health care is the most universal problem that families have in terms of their daily lives. People talk about health care all the time."

Boyd says there are plenty of ideas he's taking from the 15 Town Hall meetings he's held, but there is one solution for him that stands out:

“We need to talk to local providers and county commissioners and citizens. We need to use local resources and match the problems to the resources on a local level."

Everyone at the last Town Hall meeting agrees that affordable, high quality health care is needed, but the question still remains of how to get it.

After Friday’s Town Hall meeting, Cong. Boyd went to meet with doctors to learn more about the issues facing physicians.