"Service Before Self"


Who would have thought that selling dog tags as a fundraiser for tsunami victims would be such a hit?

Ebony Baker says, "You need one ‘cause they're cool."

Not to mention the money Junior ROTC cadets raise by selling the miniature name plate goes to people in Southeast Asia that really need it.

Ebony adds, "It makes me feel good ‘cause I'm doing something for them since they need our help."

The personalized tags sell for five or seven dollars, depending on which style you get.

Ashlie Perkins a freshman at Thomasville High School, says, "I like to get special gifts for my friends and family. It will also help the people in South Asia. What happened to them, they're really suffering out there. I think it's a great fundraiser to help them out."

Students aren't the only ones contributing.

LT COL Stan McLeod says, "It's been awesome. As a matter of fact, not only students, but teachers have taken a great effort to participate and contribute. We've raised almost $2,000 thus far."

This fundraiser is just one of the many ways the Junior ROTC cadets practice their motto, "Service Before Self."