State of Florida Mentoring Program

They spend at least one hour a week making the future a bit brighter for some deserving kids.

Godby High School senior Kory Vickers has marked many milestones with mentor Greg Ira by his side. The two met five years ago through a program called Take Stock in Children.

Kory says, "Given me a lot of good advice and helped me decide what I want to do after high school."

Greg Ira is just one of the more than 170 Department of Environmental Protection employees that mentor Florida kids, building bonds that bridge the generation gap.

Greg says, "I have three boys of my own been great refresher of some of the trials and tribulations go through at that age."

The program's power rests in the hands of its volunteers. In 2004, there were 186,000 mentors across Florida; more than 6,000 of them are state employees.

For Kory Vickers it only took one to make a difference in his life.

Greg says mentoring is a challenging but rewarding job, and the relationship is one that equips kids with the tools needed to succeed, but perhaps the learning curve is a two0way street.

For participating in the mentoring initiative, Kory Vickers is eligible for a two-year scholarship to one of Florida's community colleges. He plans to attend Tallahassee Community College and study crime scene investigation.