Capital City Challenge

Not only will there be "hogs," meaning Harleys of course, there are BMWs on the course too with some of the most skilled police riders in the saddle. The officers make it look easy, weaving among 300 cones, some just inches apart.

DEP Shannon Black, LCSO rodeo organizer, says, "We designed the courses to be challenging to that advanced level, so it does test your skills and make you test yourself and become a better rider."

They're practicing for the Capital City Challenge, a rodeo that features not broncin' bucks, but big bikes 800 pound machines that these officers guide gracefully through obstacles, and most will do it in two minutes or less.

Patrolman Don Hale with the Memphis Police Department says, "Anybody can get on one in our opinion and ride it, but to get out here and do this takes a lot of skill and concentration. It's a lot of fun."

DEP Alberta Gilbert with the Orange County Sheriff's Department says, "There's great camaraderie. We get to meet a lot of guys with other agencies and get to see how they do things different from what we do them, so it's kind of exciting for that. Competition is just secondary."

There are officers here from as far away as Memphis and Charleston anxious to showcase their skills and their style, but they say they use these skills on the job every day, weaving through crowds and traffic on their way to help.

The Capital City Challenge runs all day Saturday from 7 a.m. till 5 p.m. in the parking lot at Governor's Square. All the proceeds will go to Special Olympics.