Players Upset Over Head Football Coach Choice

A new head coach is coming to town, and Suwannee High School football players have signed a petition in protest.

Bobby Bennett from Ozark, Alabama was hired for the vacant position.

Marc Broxey, an upcoming senior football player, says, "I feel like mainly it was unfair to the players because we were already acquainted with the coaches that we had for the last three years. We were looking forward to playing with them next year."

The players say they would have preferred an inside hire, specifically dean of students Tommy Chambers. The school superintendent says he carefully chose Bennett despite Chambers receiving a majority of votes from a selection committee.

Suwannee County Superintendent Walter Boatright says, "Due to the resume and application package that coach Bennett submitted for consideration, I feel that he is the most suitable candidate at the time to serve as Suwannee High School's head football coach."

Terrell Roman, a starter, offensive and defensive player, says, "It was a rumor going around that the coaches were going to resign and we didn't want our coaches to resign just because a new coach was coming in. If our old coaches stay, then we'll stay, if not, I'll probably transfer."

Superintendent Boatright says he's spoken with Bennett. He assures the Bulldogs that the new coach is looking forward to working with existing coaches and players.

Coach Bennett is expected to arrive early next week. His first day on the job is March 14.